SoftSP V6 Release

Posted on 1 Jul , 2023 by sun with 0 Comment

V6 allow change slot of disk ii card. Use this if anyone want use softsp card with others slot of disk ii card (only one can be select, need flash again when use another disk ii card slot). Diysp v6 firmware for grappler+ also included. You can generate rom file by selected disk ii card and press CTRL+Y to save. (ciderpress can extract rdos file from dsk/po).

This disk are using patched RDOS 3.3 which is my first time release. It speedup to load  and added &CALL to run binary file.


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Change CEC-I to Enhanced Apple //e

Posted on 1 Jul , 2023 by kboohk with 0 Comment

This post is going to introduce how the CEC-I modified to Enhanced Apple //e.  We know that CEC-I is actually an Apple //e clone. What modifications required?

Although, CEC-I is an Apple //e clone, there still some differences in the  circuitary. It built-in some programs like Chinese system and logo language but other than that CEC-I can only work as an Apple ii+. The main problem is that it does not include an auxiliary slot for  64K RAM expansion.  Unfortunately, without the slot for memory expansion, CEC-I cannot run 80 columns and DHGR programs. These pictures and the PDF link shown the steps of the modifications.


Among the steps, the main effort is to design a 64K memory board which works like the AIIE 80 col/64K  memory expansion card. Here is the board.

Finally, the performace after such modifications.


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Apple ][+ emulator on ESP8288

Posted on 1 Jul , 2023 by kboohk with 0 Comment

There are  many projects related to ESP8266.  However, no working Apple 2 emulator that actually run Apple 2 games. I decided to build one myself. I started this project last year.
Depends on the choice of display and keyboard, the hardware of Apple 2 emulator can be very simple. The most simplest option is video out and PS2 keyboard. The circuit only consist of a few pieces of resistors and capacitors.

When considered the availiabily and flexibility, I prefer USB for the keyborad interface.

The first design  was video out and USB keyboard and  the  second version used LCD instead of video out.



Recently, I redesign the PCB so that it suitable for two LCD size.



1. 65C02 CPU
2. 64K Ram
3. nib, dsk,po floppy disk images
4. hdv, 2mg HDD images
5. USB keyboard
6. build-in speaker
7. simple joypad emulation use keyboard
8. Lithum Battery operated.

Here shows the demostration:


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