wDrive firmware v1.0b7 Beta

Posted on November 15, 2020 kboo 0

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wDrive new firmware version 1.0b7 Beta.


1. improve stability of dsk images.

2. fix read problem of builtin Locksmith fast copy.

3. fix write problem when use in iic/iigs.


To Download the latest version of the Firmware, go to the following location: 
wDrive Firmware v1.0b7 Beta


To Install the Firmware Update:

1. Prepare an SD card loaded with the firmware file (wdrive.bin & wdmain.dat) in the root directory of the card.

2. Press and hold both the left and the select key, then reset the wDrive by pushing the reset button.

3. After resetting the wDrive, the wDrive’s display screen should show the message: “Release key….”.

4. Release the keys and the wDrive will start to update the firmware and finally reboot upon completion.

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