Change CEC-I to Enhanced Apple //e

Posted on January 20, 2022 kboo 0

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This post is going to introduce how the CEC-I modified to Enhanced Apple //e.  We know that CEC-I is actually an Apple //e clone. What modifications required?

Although, CEC-I is an Apple //e clone, there still some differences in the  circuitary. It built-in some programs like Chinese system and logo language but other than that CEC-I can only work as an Apple ii+. The main problem is that it does not include an auxiliary slot for  64K RAM expansion.  Unfortunately, without the slot for memory expansion, CEC-I cannot run 80 columns and DHGR programs. These pictures and the PDF link shown the steps of the modifications.


Among the steps, the main effort is to design a 64K memory board which works like the AIIE 80 col/64K  memory expansion card. Here is the board.

Finally, the performace after such modifications.


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