Change CEC-I to Enhanced Apple //e

Posted on January 20, 2022 wpadmin 0

This post is going to introduce how the CEC-I modified to Enhanced Apple //e.  We know that CEC-I is actually an Apple //e clone. What modifications required? Although, CEC-I is an Apple //e clone, there still some differences in the  circuitary. It built-in some programs like Chinese system and logo language but other than that […]

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Apple ][+ emulator on ESP8288

Posted on December 20, 2021 wpadmin 2 comments

There are  many projects related to ESP8266.  However, no working Apple 2 emulator that actually run Apple 2 games. I decided to build one myself. I started this project last year. Depends on the choice of display and keyboard, the hardware of Apple 2 emulator can be very simple. The most simplest option is video […]

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