wDrive Firmware v0.99 Beta

Posted on February 27, 2019 kboo 0

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 wDrive new firmware version 0.99 supports smartport.

This is a beta version that implemented smartport in wDrive. It can support max 4 32M partitions of 2mg or hdv HDD images. There are some improvements in woz file  compatibility and minor bug fix. Two new icons are added which used to represent write protect status and woz2 file. There is no difference when operate in smartport. Simply copy 2mg/hdv images into the SD card, select desire image and then reboot.


As reported the current beta version is not stable. We need further analysis and test. Sorry for any inconvenience cause.

After reviewed the current firmware version, I am confident that it works well. Of course it is still a beta version and need improvement and may have some issues. For those concern about the upgrade and downgrade, these action will not damage the wDrive. If user like to test the wDrive’s smartport support, the firmware is ready to download in our website. I would like to thank you Eric Leung and Marko Ramius for their effort to tested and posted their reviews

Download : wDrive Firmware v0.99beta


To Install the Firmware Update:

1. Prepare an SD card loaded with the firmware file (wdrive.bin & wdmain.dat) in the root directory of the card.

2. Press and hold both the left and the select key, then reset the wDrive by pushing the reset button.

3. After resetting the wDrive, the wDrive’s display screen should show the message: “Release key….”.

4. Release the keys and the wDrive will start to update the firmware and finally reboot upon completion.


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